Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode July 05: Jaanu To Bare Her Heart To Rama

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After Janaki refuses to have a baby early, Rama Chandra feels sad and makes a decision. He tells Janaki that he loves his mother a lot and does not want to let her down by making her feel bad. Later, Rama tells her that it is their responsibility to give Jnanamba grandchildren.

Jnanamba completes her rituals and seeks blessings for Rama and Jaanu to have a baby. The priest tells Jnanamba that her daughter-in-law will be giving their family a grandchild soon.

Janaki feels heartbroken as Rama Chandra rejects her request of not having a baby. Jaanu remembers her father and his love. Meanwhile, Jnanamba calls Rama to inform him about the puja. She asks him to sleep in a particular room.

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Rama then comes to Janaki and tells her that they should plan for a baby. Janaki prepares for the night with a heavy heart. That night, Rama and Janaki enter the room. Janaki then decides to reveal the truth about her IPS dream to Rama Chandra. Will Jaanu express her feelings is to be watched in the episode. 

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