Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode August 26: Mallika Tries To Ruin Jaanu’s Plan

 - Sakshi Post

After Janaki explains her plan to recruit more workers to complete the contract, Jnanamba leaves the decision to her wish. Mallika overhears her and decides to ruin her plan and make her bad in front of Jnanamba.

Janaki lists out the workers in their village and tries to talk to them to work for their contract. However, workers ask to pay them Rs 3,000 per person. When Janaki tells that they will pay Rs 2,000 per person, they deny working for them.

Mallika watches Janaki’s conversation and feels that Jaanu will not be ready to pay them what they asked. But, Janaki agrees to pay the amount and instructs them to come to karkhana in half an hour.

Jnanamba tells the workers in karkhana to work for extra hours to complete a contract. Later, Jaanu and Jnanamba start the work with a puja. Meanwhile, Mallika stops the workers and gives them Rs 3,000 per person and asks them not to work for Janaki. Will the workers take the money and ditch Janaki is to be watched in the next episode.

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