Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode August 24: Rama Accompanies Jaanu to Coaching Centre

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Janaki warns Mallika when they wanted to leave the house and go to the city. She later goes to her room and thinks of something. Rama comes to her and asks what happened to her. Jaanu replies that she wanted to join a coaching centre for writing Civils exams.

Rama gets elated that she will be studying hard and agrees to join her in the coaching institute. Then Jaanu tells that they had to go to the city for coaching. Then Rama devises a plan and goes to ask Jnanamba.

Rama Chandra tells Jnanamba that he wanted to expand their confectionary stall and sell cakes in the shop. He tells that he wanted to send Janaki to the city for learning cakes. However, Jnanamba tells that she will not send Janaki to the city.

Later, Janaki asks Rama Chandra that she will try to convince Jnanamba to send her to Rajahmundry for learning cakes. Jaanu then tells Jnanamba that if she learns baking cakes, their business will expand well bringing them profits. Will Jnanamba get convinced and agree with Janaki is to be watched in the episode.

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