Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode August 05:Jnanamba Gets Furious At Jaanu

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Jnanamba’s family spends some quality time happily as the female family members applied Mehndi to their hands, Govindaraju, along with his sons feed them.

The next morning, Mallika, Vishnu plan to leave home silently, but they see Jnanamba coming against them. As Jnanamba’s slipper gets damaged, she asks Vishnu to get it repaired. Mallika stops Vishnu and tells her that they are going to the temple and they cannot take slippers with them.

Meanwhile, Rama comes and takes the slipper and says her that he will take them to the shop. Janaki asks Rama to give the slippers as she is going to buy vegetables near the slipper shop.

When Jaanu is going to the market, she finds Mallika and Vishnu giving money without telling Jnanamba. Janaki decides to tell her mother-in-law about them.

Meanwhile, Mallika gets jealous as Jaanu gets the slippers repaired. She devises a plan to put Janaki in trouble and executes it. On trusting Mallika's words, Jnanamba misunderstands Janaki and punishes her.

Jnanamba gets furious at Janaki and scolds her. What punishment did Jnanamba give Janaki is to be watched in the episode.

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