Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode September 28: Mallika To Learn About IPS Coaching

 - Sakshi Post

Mallika tries to know why Rama Chandra and Janaki are going to Rajahmundry to learn to bake cakes. The next morning, Mallika steals the bike keys of Rama. When they are searching for the keys, Govindaraju comes and tells them to take his car and drop Jaanu.

Mallika gets shocked but then devises another plan to know what Rama and Janaki are doing. She hides in the car trunk and listens to what they are talking about. Meanwhile, they see Vishnu coming with sarees. So, they tell him to take the car and asks Vishnu to give him his bike.

When Vishnu stops the car at someplace, Mallika comes out and finds out that her plan was not successful. Mallika scolds Vishnu for taking the car.

Govindaraju tries to console Jnanamba that she will have grandchildren in future. He tells his wife that he will talk to the priest. Mallika returns home but drops her tablets which she takes for not getting pregnant. Will Jnanamba get to know about Mallika is to be watched in the next episode.

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