Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode October 1: Jnanamba Asks Mallika To Leave The House

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When the pharmacist is about to leave the house, Jnanamba asks him whether Mallika purchased tablets in their shop. After listening to his reply, she asks Akhil to bring the medicine to confirm them. Jnanamba learns the truth and tells him to leave.

Later, Mallika goes near Jnanamba and requests her mother-in-law to accept her apologies. Govindaraju lashes out at Mallika for speaking ill about Janaki. Mallika gets terrified and thinks that Govindaraju will not listen to her and tries to convince Janaki.

While Mallika tells Jaanu to give her some punishment, Jnanamba also suggests her to give proper punishment. However, Jaanu refuses to do but Jnanamba tells Mallika to take her husband and leave the house. When Janaki and Rama try to stop her, Jnanamba informs that her decision is final.

Mallika gets elated after learning about her mother-in-law decision. Jnanamba then asks Janaki if she also had the same opinion. Will Jaanu tell the truth about her education to Jnanamba is to be watched in the next episode.  

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