Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode June 25: Rama-Jaanu Set For Baby!

 - Sakshi Post

Jnanamba devises a plan to reunite Janaki and Rama. She tells her husband that the entire family will be visiting the temple in the nearby village. Jnanamba adds that Rama and Jaanu will be staying back so that they would get some privacy.

Meanwhile, Vennela and Chikitha stick baby pictures in Jaanu’s bedroom. When Rama asks why are they doing it. Vennela explains that Jnanamba told them to paste the pictures and she asks Rama and Janaki if they like a girl or a boy. Rama tells that he wants a girl child like his mother.

Jnanamba gets emotional and asks for a grandchild. She then tells them that they will be visiting the temple that night. Rama requests his mother to postpone her plan. So Jnanamba tells Chikitha to inform everyone.

While Mallika learns about this matter, she makes a plan to interrupt their privacy. She then plans something evil against Jnanamba and Janaki.

Later, Rama and Janaki wake up at midnight and make arrangements to decorate the house. To know what the surprise is all about, we have to wait till the next episode.

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