Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode June 24: Jnanamba Plans To Unite Rama-Jaanu

 - Sakshi Post

Jnanamba observes Rama and Janaki sleeping separately. She feels bad but does not say a word in the night. The next morning, Jnanamba still thinks about the issue. While Janaki brings her tea, she asks Jaanu about their relationship.

When Jaanu tells her that everything is fine between her and Rama, Jnanamba says that she cannot tolerate lies. Janaki gets emotional when Jnanamba tells that she wants grandchildren within a year.

Meanwhile, Mallika tells everyone in the house that Janaki does not know cooking and Rama taught her how to cook last night. But no one believes her making Mallika annoyed. When she confesses the same thing to her husband, he asks for evidence. Mallika feels sad as she did not gather any proofs.

Later, Jnanamba tells Chikitha and Vennela to paste baby pictures in Rama-Jaanu bedroom. Meanwhile, Mallika tells Jnanamba that they will not be able beget a child in this house as they have no privacy at all. After listening to those words, what will be Jnanamba's reaction is to be watched in the episode.

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