Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode June 21: Mallika Exposes Janaki's Lies

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Jnanamba and her husband discuss about Janaki saying she is the perfect daughter-in-law for the house. Mallika runs to her and tells her Janaki is not an illiterate as she can speak English. Jnanamba’s husband questions how does she know about it. Mallika tells her that she saw Janaki reading a letter fluently for Venkayamma.

Jnanamba gets angry at Mallika thinking that she is trying to defame Janaki. But Mallika forces her to call Venkayamma and ask if she has any doubt about her. Jnanamba asks Mallike to get Venkayamma.

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Meanwhile, Janaki returns from the market where Jnanamba shouts at her for hiding the details of her education with them. Jaanu gets shocked and asks what happened. Jnanamba tells her about reading the letter in English and makes it clear that Jaanu is an educated woman.

Janaki feels that Jnanamba should not know the truth about her education. What plan will Jaanu make to escape from her mother-in-law is to be watched in the episode. 

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