Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode June 18: Jaanu to Learn Cooking From Rama

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Mallika is disappointed after her evil plan flops. She tells Vishnu that Jnanamba is angry with her. Janaki hears this conversation and brings her food. Mallika, at first refuses food, but later eats. Then she realizes that her dishes were changed which is why Janaki got an appraisal from Jnanamba.

Janaki comes to the sweet shop with a lunch box as Rama did not carry his lunch. Rama Chandra is overjoyed on seeing Janaki's concern for him. Chikitha tells them that their relationship is so strong and they are a made for each other couple. Janaki feels overwhelmed with the  words.

Rama makes Janaki light the lamp at his shop as she visited his shop for the first time after their marriage. Later, while having lunch Janaki thanks Rama for helping her in time and tells him that she is more worried. She explains to Rama that Jnanamba asked her to make those dishes frequently. Then Rama promises to teach her cooking.

The next morning, Janaki tells Mallika that she will go to the shop to buy some vegetables. Meantime, a woman comes to Janaki and asks her to read a letter written in English. Leaving Mallika in confusion, Jaanu reads out the letter and informs the matter to the woman. Will Mallika tell Jnanamba about Janaki’s education is to be watched in the episode.

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