Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode June 17: Mallika Shocked

 - Sakshi Post

Jnanamba and her husband return home and ask Janaki if lunch is ready. After Janaki answers, they go out to freshen up. Meanwhile, Rama Chandra enters the house from the backdoor and jumps the wall and calls Janaki.

Rama later takes all the dishes prepared by his wife to the kitchen and throws them in other utensils. Janaki does not understand what he is doing and asks him. Rama fills the utensils with the curries he brought from the shop and asks Jaanu to stay quiet for some time.

Meanwhile, Jnanamba orders Janaki to serve lunch. Mallika feels excited as her evil plan is going to work. She thinks Jnanamba will scold Janaki.

Janaki brings the dishes bought by her husband and serves them to Jnanamba and her husband. After tasting them, Janaki receives compliments leaving Mallika confused.

Later, Janaki tastes the dishes made by her and realizes her mistake. She strangely finds them salty and too spicy. Will Mallika learn about the escape plan devised by Rama to save Janaki is to be watched in the episode. 

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