Spoiler Alert Anupamaa Today's Episode March 24: Kavya Turns Vindictive

 - Sakshi Post

Today's Spoiler Alert of Anupamaa: In today's episode, Anupamaa makes fun of Vanraj for getting scared of a lizard. Baa and Pakhi want Vanraj and Anupamaa to stay together and hope for their good. Later, Shah's family will plan a grand Holi celebration. While Anupamaa explains to Kinjal that she should start taking house responsibilities, Kinjal gets emotional. On the other hand, Kavya asks Vanraj to come to her office. Meanwhile, Pakhi also asks Anupamaa. While Pakhi allows Kavya too.

In the last episode Pakhi agrees to return home but on the condition that Kavya leaves Shah's house. Kavya turns vindictive after Anupamaa asks her to leave the house.  

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