Spoiler Alert Anupamaa Today's Episode March 23: Pakhi Leaving Shah House

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In the last episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi gets upset after she finds Kavya in Vanraj's room. Anupamaa tries to convince Pakhi to return home. Meanwhile, Vanraj faces a dilemma whether he should go to Nandini's house to convince Pakhi or not.

Here's today's spoiler alert for Anupamaa: Vanraj finally visits Nandini's house and tries to convince Pakhi. Pakhi gets emotional and says that she wants to spend time with Vanraj and Anupamaa before they legally get separated and request Anupamaa and Vanraj to stay with her till they get divorced. Meanwhile, Pakhi agrees to return home but on the condition that Kavya should leave Shah's house. Kavya thinks that Pakhi wants to manipulate Vanraj emotionally.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa takes a decision and asks Kavya to leave the Shah house for Pakhi's happiness. Kavya gets into an emotional outburst after Anupamaa asks her to leave the house. While Vanraj also agrees with Anupamaa's decision. Later, Nandini gets angry at Kavya.

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