Siri Using Shannu to Win Bigg Boss Telugu 5?

 - Sakshi Post

The Bigg Boss Telugu buzz is much more interesting than the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 show itself. Former Bigg Boss contestant Ariyana Glory is hosting the show and the questions she is putting in front of eliminated contestants are grabbing the attention of the audience. The eliminated contestants are revealing the true colors of the contestants. Now, it seems that Bigg Boss Telugu viewers have got a clarity on the contestants in the house. The latest is eliminated contestant Priya's interview with Ariyana. 

In the promo, Ariyana is seen asking Priya about Siri's behaviour in the house. Priya tells her that every about Siri—right from her game, her words, and voice modulation are fake. She says that Siri is playing a genuine game, but using Shannu's friendship and influencing the contestants around her with fake emotions. 

We already told you that Siri was manipulating Shannu for her game. Now, Priya's words reestablishes the fact. It is worth mentioning here that if Siri gets eliminated, Shannu will start his game. What is your opinion on it? Let us know in your comments.

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