Siri Boyfriend Shrihan Sensational Comments on Siri-Shanmukh Relationship

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants Shanmukh and Siri are the most talked about contestants  this season. Shannu fans and other Bigg Boss viewers are trolling Siri badly and also resorting to character assassination.

They are also saying that Siri is with Shanmukh for votes. 

Siri Hanumanth's boyfriend Srigan, who saw the trolls has reacted to the allegations and fired at the netizens. 

He has posted a story on his Instagram which reads ‘For the past few days, I have been seeing all the trolls, I did not want to react to it. I know what Siri Hanmanth is, she was never with Shanmukh for votes. If Siri wasn’t with Shanmukh, he would be gone long ago. As he can't make friends and neither does he interact much with people in the house.

Why are you spreading negativity on her in the last minute when the show is going to end? I have enough proofs but i’m being calm thinking why create a mess and spol somebody's chances in the finals. There’s no clue about who Shrihan is talking about or what  proofs he has. However, his insta story has gone viral.

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