Shanmukh Jaswanth Confesses Feelings For Siri Hanmanth, Hints at Breaks Up

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Shanmukh Jaswantha and Siri are the popular contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 5. Looking at their bond in the house, Bigg Boss viewers say that Shanmukh and Siri are more than friends in the house.

They have kept the buzz alive around the show with their proximity in the house. It is known that Shannu displayed a sense of insecurity when he expressed his dislike over Siri getting close to other contestants in the house. 

As part of a task, Siri was seen dancing with VJ Sunny and Shanmukh couldn't digest to it.

Shanmukh confessed his feelings tow her saying 'I'm unable to stay away from you. I'm trying hard not to get react but I'm unable to get control. I'm just losing control over my feelings. I can't digest if you get close to anyone." Shanmukh asks Siri who will take care of him if she gets eliminated. No one will take care of me here. I'll be all alone in the next week.

Siri promises him that she won't get eliminated from the house. Though, I'll get evicted from the house, we will meet outside the house. But Shanmukh says that we can't be so close after the show.

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