Salman Khan Threatens To Quit Bigg Boss Over Remuneration Hike

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Salman Khan has been hosting Bigg Boss for a long time now. He has been part of the reality show since Season 4. The current season is the 14th overall and Khan’s 11th time hosting the show. Bigg Boss 14 is reaching its final episode and with it we will be getting the winner of season 14.

After season 14 ends, it is obvious that the makers will be planning for next season. In fact speculations regarding the contestants will begin as soon as the finale of BB14 happens. The contestants will be new and revelation will happen later, but what matters the most is Salman Khan making a return as the host of the show.

With a big superstar comes a big fee. Every season the makers have to pay the actor a huge payment. Salman charges a hefty sum per episode. Since he comes every Saturday and Sunday for the Weekend ka Vaar episodes, even for just two episodes per week, the payment is high.

Salman himself confirmed that he will be coming back for season 15 but he also joked that it will come with a pay hike. “Mai to aaunga hi aaunga, agar mera 15 taka badha diya in logo ne to.” (I will come but only if these people increase my pay by 15 percent), said Salman.

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Salman’s Payment Over the Years

Earlier Salman revealed that for season 14, he agreed to a pay cut. Due to the pandemic, things are pretty difficult for everyone. When a show airs, it is good for everyone. It helps with employment to a lot of people. The staff will be able to take back home some amount of money. That is why he agreed for a pay cut but said the show must air for the benefit of everyone.

According to the rumors, for season 14, Salman Khan’s per episode fees was 12-14 crores. The fees kept increasing every year. It was reported that his fees was Rs 2.5 per episode in Season 4. That amount went up to 5 crore by season 7 and now in Season 14, it is 14 crore per episode.

If these figures are correct, the Ek Tha Tiger actor will be earning around 15-16 crore per episode in season 15.  

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