Sakshi Post Exclusive: Bigg Boss 15 Breaking And Confirmed- No Elimination This Week

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Bigg Boss Hindi 15 contestant Singer Afsana Khan became talk of the town after the drama that followed following her altercation with Shamita Shetty. Earlier, Afsana Khan was forcefully sent out of the glass house, which means she got evicted from the show after her annoying statements and warning to contestants troubled the makers. 

If you are closely following Bigg Boss 15, then you will know for sure the reason Colors forcefully eliminated Afasana. The punjabi singer created a chaos after losing the VIP ticket task. She took the knife to hurt herself as she did not get a VIP ticket. Afsana's crazy act and behaviour not only shocked the contestants but also the Bigg Boss. Later, Bigg Boss called Afsana to the confession room, where security people took her away. She was evicted for breaking the rules of the game. 

We can't stress this enough that in Bigg Boss, anything can happen at any time. Bigg Boss can eliminate any contestant, who is breaking the rules and going against the set protocols in the house. 

Now, another weekend has arrived and  it's elimination time. We already told you that the guests for the week Karthik Aryan and co visited the BB house to promote their upcoming movie. Also, Salman Khan has already shot for the episode which will be aired tonight. According to our sources, there will be no elimination this week in Bigg Boss 15 as the makers have already eliminated Afsana Khan. 

However, like we said before we can't really predict anything in the Bigg Boss show because it is all circumstantial. So, readers, let's see how it goes. Stay tuned.

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