Roberrt Movie Review: Challenging Star Darshan Film Is Total Paisa Vasool

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Challenging Star Darshan's Roberrt released in theatres across Karnataka, AP, Telangana and other states amidst huge expectations. And true to its hype,  most theatres Screening the movie is running housefull. Darshan's Roberrt looks set to go on a box office rampage. 

Darshan's unique Avatar in the movie trailer had piqued the curiosity of the audience. So how has the movie fared? Here you go, Sakshipost's full review of Challenging Star Darshan's Roberrt.

Darshan's Roberrt First Half: 

A hero's entry in a movie is always special. It would often be in a high-octane action scene where the lead actor is seen beating up goons or it could even be a highly emotional scene where the filmmaker elevates the hero's character to establish the fact that he's the protagonist. However, director Tharun Sudhir has made an exception and gives a very unique entry to Darshan in Roberrt. Darshan enters in Hanuman's Avatar much to the surprise of his fans. Remember the look the makers had released last year which had created a lot of buzz on social media? So, now it appears Darshan's hanuman look was for his entry scene in Roberrt. Besides,  even though Darshan has played all kinds of roles including that of a villain in Navagraha, his role in Roberrt is nothing like any of those. Tharun Sudhir has portrayed Darshan in a never before seen Avatar which is a visual treat to the fans of the Sandalwood Challenging Star. 

Usually, in any star hero movie, the introduction scene of the heroine is subdued or she's shown in a romantic setting. However, here too, the director has chosen to break the stereotype by giving Roberrt's leading lady Asha Bhatt a mass entry in the movie which sure is a first. 

Comic element is a must in action movies and family dramas. Realising the importance of not boring the audience, the writer has included several comedy scenes starring Chikkanna, and Shivaraj KR Pete in the movie which manages to evoke a few laughs and lighten the mood. 

Darshan movies are known to be masa and come with enough action scenes. Sure enough, the first half has two good action scenes to appease the fans. And yes, the chartbuster from Roberrt Kannu Hodyake which became a rage among music lovers and created a storm on social media is included in the first half of the movie itself which leaves the audience asking for more.

Most importantly, even till interview, the makers don't reveal the full story of Roberrt. The interval Bang leaves the audience asking for more. 

Darshan's Roberrt second half 

While first half of Darshan's Roberrt manages to keep the audience glued to their seats, the second half of the movie has enough twists and turns to keep the audience engrossed till the end of the movie. There are several goosebumps moments for fans and audience alike in the second half of Darshan's Roberrt. 

Vinod Prabhakar makes his entry in the second half of the movie and his role carries weightage too. Now, Tollywood actor Jagapathi Babu. Oh! What can we say? We need not tell you about his acting prowess but the director has taken his role and elevated his villain character to the next level in Roberrt. Fans will simply love his firm, no-nonsense, khadoos role in Roberrt. 

The second half of Roberrt has three more action scenes satisfying the hunger of Darshan fans who always look forward to whistle worthy punch dialogues and high octane action scenes. 

Verdict: Darshan has a winner in hand with Roberrt. And it sure is a movie that was worth the wait for every fan of the Sandalwood Challenging Star. Roberrt is an out and out mass entertainer which is a feast to the eyes of Darshan fans. Put this on your weekend watch list. 

Roberrt Movie Rating: 4/5

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