Relive the Good Old Days With Iconic 90s Sitcom Zabaan Sambhal Ke on Tata Play Classic TV

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Tata Play had recently launched a new service called Tata Play Classic TV, which promises to transport fans back to the golden period of Indian television. Taking on the vision to entertain the viewers with handpicked shows from the ’80s and 90’s Tata Play is all set to bring to its viewers the most iconic comedy shows from the yesteryear – Zabaan Sambhal Ke. Featuring the pioneer of Indian Cinema Pankaj Kapur alongside the iconic Shubha Khote the show won millions of hearts back in the day with its humorous content. Zabaan Sambhal Ke is slated to go on-air starting 19th April 2022 on number 152.

The show has received an immense amount of love from the audiences, and it will be a visual treat for them this time around as well. Produced by Rajiv Mehra and Eagle Films the show boasts of a stellar star cast including Bhavana Balsavar, Tanaaz Irani, Viju Khote, and Tom Alter among others. The viewers of Tata Play will enjoy the comical situations that revolve around Mohan Bharti essayed by the super-talented Pankaj Kapur who is still a bachelor in his late 30s and teaches at a private school, specializing in Hindi language classes, owned by Mrs Dixit portrayed by Shubha Kote. The class has various students from different regions of India, and from different countries like Africa and Russia, who are eager to learn Hindi – and this plot is sure to tickle the funny bones of the viewers.

The show is sure to take you right back to the golden age. Packed with comedy, sweet humour, and great acting, combined with great writing and direction, leads to pure nostalgia the show will take you on a ride of fun and joy.

Tune in to Tata Play Classic TV number 152 and enjoy watching Zabaan Sambhal Ke starting 19th April 2022!

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