Ravi's Elimination Was Pre-Planned, Here's Proof

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We are inching closer to witnessing the 13th week of elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 5. The last contestant who got eliminated from the show was Anchor Ravi. It's been close to a week Ravi's elimination happened in the Bigg Boss house.

Ravi fans, Bigg Boss Telugu evicted contestants, and show lovers are unable to come to terms with the fact that he has been eliminated.

Do you remember the evicted contestant Uma Devi from this season? Yes, the same Karthika Deepam actress. 

She has made some shocking allegations against Bigg Boss Telugu 5. I don't know whether the game is really scripted or not. But, looking at eliminations, I feel Bigg Boss Telugu is a scripted one. If you take Ravi's elimination, it was completely scripted.

If you think,  the show is not scripted, why do Bigg Boss makers ask Sunny to use eviction free pass for someone. Generally, the eviction-free pass will be used for themselves. When Bigg Boss asked Sunny to use for others then it's scripted. Uma Devi cities these incidents go on to show that Ravi's elimination was pre-planned.

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