Ravi Fans Predict He May Not Be The Winner Of Bigg Boss Telugu 5

 - Sakshi Post

Anchor Ravi was a known celebrity even before he entered the Bigg Boss Telugu 5. He enjoys a lion's share of fan following, who are not only supporting him but also urging everyone to vote for him.

Bigg Boss Telugu host Nagarjuna as also contestants who have been evicted from the house have been saying that Ravi has one strategy to win the show. A section of the audience have shared their opinion on social media saying Anchor Ravi could be made the scapegoat in Bigg Boss Telugu. Ravi fans now regret and feel that it would be nice if Ravi had not entered the show.

They are also saying that he may not win the show despite his best efforts. It's too early to talk about Ravi winning the show.  If Ravi decided to enter the show, then we are sure he had his reasons. Let's see how things progess in the Bigg Boss house and if Ravi will manage to take on his opponents and survive in the house against odds.

What do you think, readers? Do you think Anchor Ravi has it in him to reach  the finals? Let us know in the comments below.

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