Rahul Vaidya Did Not Deserve To Be in Top 2 of Bigg Boss 14, Says Abhinav Shukla

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Bigg Boss 14 ended long ago and we got Rubina Dilaik as the winner and Rahul Vaidya as the Runner-up. But there is someone who feels that the results were unfair. It is fellow-contestant Abhinav Shukla.

Abhinav Shukla recently shared this he doesn’t feel like Rahul Vaidya deserved to be in Top 2. Not Rahul but I would have been a better choice, I feel. Abhinav also shared that his game was smart and good, he would have been a better candidate to be in the Top 2.

The contestant also added that he has been in the house since the beginning. He never quit the show and walked out of Bigg Boss house, unlike Rahul Vaidya who voluntarily exited the show and came back a few days later.

According to the show, contestant Rahul Vaidya voluntarily walked out of the show but came back on fans demand. It was being said that Rahul’s fanbase and their power made Rahul come back. But according to the rumours, it was makers who planned all this. The makers planned Rahul’s exit and comeback. It was all a part of their TRP stunt.

But whatever it is, Abhinav feels that Rahul did not deserve the title of Runner Up. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Abhinav shared that “Rahul Vaidya certainly did not deserve to be in the top 2. He was the one who quit the show midway; he left the house. But I think he went outside and saw it all, he understood how his fan following was growing and that is why he re-entered the house after regaining confidence.”

Abhinav felt that Rahul had an unfair advantage. He went outside the house and was able to understand how everyone plays. He saw the game as a viewer and then came back with an upgraded strategy.

“I would have seen myself there in the top two in his place. I was the one who was there since day 1 and made sure that my game changed smartly. I brought about more diversification to my personality- from shy to bold, I have myself seen my transition and unlike a lot of people who re-entered the show and created over-the-top drama, I was there doing my job without creating drama and made it till the end, almost,” added Abhinav.

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