Priyanka Singh Weekly Earnings From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestant Priyanka Singh has managed to earn her own fan following through the show. Priyanka Singh was known to many of the audience as 'Sai Tej'. She used to perform skits on Jabardasth. Recently, she went in for sex transplantation. 

After that, Priyanka Singh's career hit a rough patch. In between, Bigg Boss makers approached Priyanka for the show promising a decent pay. If you are regularly following Bigg Boss Telugu 5, you must know that Priyanka is entertaining the viewers.

Bigg Boss viewers, after watching her performance, are curious to know how much Priyanka Singh is getting paid for the show. 

As per the buzz in tele circles, Priyanka Singh is said to be getting a whopping Rs One lakh per week. Here are a few beautiful pictures of Priyanka Singh.

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