Prema Entha Madhuram Spoiler Today's Episode June 9: Will Subbu Catch Anu With Arya?

 - Sakshi Post

Anu wishes to hear Arya’s voice and tries calling him. Anu feels sad as Arya doesn't answer her calls. She gets disappointed later as his phone is switched off.

While Jhende comes to console Meera, she blames him for not siding with her. Jhende tells her that no one can change her destiny. He also asks her to take inspiration from how Arya worked his way towards success despite losing Rajanandini.

Meanwhile, Ramya and Sampath call Anu out of her house to surprise her. Anu is overjoyed to see Arya and runs to hug him. Raghupati is irked on seeing this. On being questioned, Arya tells Anu that he visited her because she wanted to talk to him.

Arya and Anu spend romantic moments together and share earphones to listen to music. Subbu wakes up and notices Anu missing. As he comes out of the house, Raghupati gets tensed. Raghupati lies to Subbu to divert him. But Subbu searches for Anu. Will Subbu find out Anu and Arya’s truth is to be watched in the episode.

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