Prema Entha Madhuram Spoiler Alert Today's Episode June 11: Will Anu Tell Padma about Arya?

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While Subbu is about to check the balloon on which Anu and Arya's name is written, Sampath comes to the rescue and takes the balloon.

Later, Anu tries to tell Paddy about Arya. But Paddu changes the topic and says that she has found a match for Anu. In the meantime, Rajini learns that Anu did not tell anything about Arya to her parents.

Arya waits in the car and feels anxious about Anu, as she is all set to confess to Padma. While he wonders about Padma’s reaction, he notices Anu approaching his car angrily and assumes that something is wrong.

A frustrated Anu gets into Arya’s car and tells him that their marriage is impossible. When Arya agrees, Anu gets more irritated. How will Arya cool Anu is to be watched in the episode. 

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