Prema Entha Madhuram Spoiler Alert Today’s Episode June 26: Subbu Heads To Arya’s House  

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Subbu tells Anu that he has only been thinking about her marriage and asserts that it will happen soon. Padma listens to their conversation and feels bad for Subbu. The next morning, Anu finds Padma missing and looks for her all over her house.

While Anu does not find her, she wakes up Subbu and expresses fear about Paddu going missing. Subbu comforts her saying she will not go anywhere. Then, Padma returns home from the temple.

Meanwhile, Arya calls Anu and does not answer. When he gets tensed about Anu, Meera offers to talk to Anu’s family and make them agree to the marriage alliance. Arya politely declines and thanks to her for her concern.

Padma continues her silence with Subbu and Anu. Subbu stops Padma and asks what happened. Later, Subbu rushes to Aryavardhan’s house. Did Padma tell Subbu about Anu- Arya relation is to be watched in the episode.  

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