Not Sarayu, This Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Contestant Was Supposed To Get Eliminated

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Akkineni Nagarjuna's Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is slowly gaining momentum. The show's TRPs seem to be improving over the past three days. Definitely, Bigg Boss Telugu weekend TRPs rating will soar as the host and actor Nagarjuna visits the house to evaluate the Contestants' performance. 

Yesterday, it was Sunday, Funday for both the Bigg Boss contestants and viewers. Most of the audience would be waiting for Sunday's episode to know who's going to be evicted from the house.

 For those who joined in late to the story, it is Sarayu who got eliminated in last night's episode. Yes, She is out of the Bigg Boss house. We have learnt from our trusted sources that Sarayu wasn't the first choice of contestant to be eliminated in the first week.

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It is learnt that the makers had intended to eliminate Jessie from the house, but they changed their decision in the last minute to eliminate Sarayu owing to her language and smoking in the house, this is what the buzz on social media suggesta. But we wonder if those could be grounds for eviction. 

Now, Sarayu fans say that Bigg Boss eliminating her in the first week itself is really not fair. The makers could have given at least another week to prove herself in the house, they contend. It is being said that Not Sarayu but Jessie was the first contestant to have been eliminated from the house, as per the buzz.

However, a section of the audience say the makers may have also saved him after Jessie's mom went on television to make an emotional appeal to viewers and show makers to make his life on Bigg Boss by supporting him. We are not sure if that was the case though because eviction is mostly on violation of code of conduct or votes. 

This piece of news hasn't yet been confirmed either from Sarayu or show makers. Sarayu getting eliminated in Jessie's place has triggered a debate between Bigg Boss viewers on social media.

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