Not Aravind KP, BBK Viewers Want This Contestant to Win Bigg Boss Kannada 8

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Is there any Bigg Boss Kannada viewer who doesn't know the contestant Prashanth Sambargi? Obviously, the answer will be a big ‘No’, and Prashanth fans would be jumping to read what’s in store for them, right? Well, Prashanth Sambargi has changed a lot in the second innings and his intention is clearly visible—that he wants to maintain a healthy relationship with everyone in the house.

He is playing a safe game by staying away from controversies. That’s not all, this contestant is also winning the hearts of the viewers by playing his individual game without using any tactics or overreacting on the show. It is this genuine quality of Prashanth that BBK viewers have fallen in love with. Netizens feel that a few contestants are trying hard to stay in the news by faking relationship with housemates in the house. But in Prashanth's case, this is not true.

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Vaishnavi and Manju Pavagada are acting like sister and brother, the duo often grabs the headlines for their comic scenes in the house. On the other hand, Divya Uruduga and Aravind also always in the spotlight, even in Bigg Boss promos ever since the show went on air, thanks to their chemistry. Vaish and Manju are best buddies in the house. Looks like Bigg Boss viewers are beginning to get bored with the jodi and say that they are not doing much to keep the viewers enthused.

The bottom line is, BBK viewers can now see through people's lies and pretence. Hence, they feel that perhaps Aravind is not all that he acts to be. On the other hand, show buffs are liking Prashanth Sambargi's candid behaviour with no filters and want him to lift the winner's trophy of Kannada Bigg Boss 8. Yes. We also think that he deserves it as he is working hard for it, at least in the second innings. A section of the audience who are neutral are running campaigns for him and urging the show lovers to vote for him and also seeking justice for him from the show runners. He also seems to have earned a decent fan following in the second innings. Let’s wait and watch what the future awaits Prashanth.

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