Netizens Say Divya Uruduga has Lost Her Individuality

 - Sakshi Post

Divya Uruduga is one of the most liked contestants of the Kannada Bigg Boss season 8. She gained a huge fan following and won millions of BBK viewers' hearts. Earlier in the first innings, Divya U was highlighted for her chemistry with Aravind KP, but in the second innings, the channel focused on her individuality after she won the captaincy. A section of the audience says that Divya U has ruled the BBK house perfectly by changing the rules. But a few BBK viewers say that Divya U was not fair to all the contestants in the task. They say that she has been partial to Aravind. 

In yesterday's episode, Kichcha Sudeep grilled Divya U for her known mistakes and gave her a reality check over her behaviour with Prashanth S as a captain and cleared the apron issue. However, we can say that she has lost her individuality after Sudeep questioned her captaincy. BBK viewers say that Divya U is an unfair captain of Bigg Boss Kannada 8.

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