Netizens' Request to Colors Kannada For Divya Uruduga: Deets inside

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Kichcha Sudeep’s Bigg Boss Kannada has become talk of the town. If you recall, this week nomination was delay due to tasks in the house. Now the makers seem to have opened the voting lines for the audience to vote for their contestants. 

Now that the whole of Karnataka state is under lockdown, Bigg Biss show lovers have understand that there will be no elimination this weekend. Murmurs are doing the rounds that Bigg Boss Contestant Divya Uruduga will be sent to secret room as part of weekend elimination. Fans of Divya  are wondering on social media as she hasn’t been nominated for this week. So, they are asking how could the makers send her to the secret room. 

Netizens have asked Colors Kannada to drop their plan of sending Divya Uruduga to the secret room. They went on to say that they want her on the show as there will be no entertainment in Bigg Boss without her. It now remains to be seen whether Divya Suresh has really gone to the secret room

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