Netizens Demand Elimination of This Contestant From Bigg Boss Telugu 5

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Bigg Boss makers in no language let contestants relax in the house. Our favorite show Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 has become the hottest topic of discussion on social media. All thanks to Swetha Varma's performance in the house.

Swetha Varma is being aggressive in the house. She doesn't spare anyone and was seen giving back right, left and center to her housemates. A section of the audience is really upset with Swetha Varma's behaviour in the house. 

Netizens seems to be upset with her attitude in the house. They are demanding that Nagarjuna eliminate Swetha Varma from the house. Interestingly, she hasn't been nominated for this week's eviction. We don't think Swetha Varma will get eliminated from the house. 

Logically speaking, when Swetha is providing content because of her emotional outburst in the house, why would Bigg Boss push her out of the house? It would become a huge minus for the channel to lose TRPs.

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Swetha Varma won't likely be eliminated anytime soon. We have to wait and see whether show makers would do it for the viewers.

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