Nagarjuna Warns Bigg Boss Contestants Against Character Assassination of Housemates

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With each passing day, the organizers of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 are trying to make the show more interesting. Bigg Boss is coming up with some crazy tasks. And on the weekends, the show is more fun because Nagarjuna the host of the show returns to Bigg Boss. He interacts with the house members and appreciates if anyone does good things and at the same time, the contestants who are not following the Bigg Boss house rules will get taunts.

In the Saturday episode, Nagarjuna asks Siri about VJ Sunny keeping his hand inside her shirt as a part of the task given to them by the Bigg Boss. She said that he did it and Shannu also said yes to Nagarjuna's question. Then VJ Sunny said that he locked her but he didn't keep his hand. VJ Sunny further added that he didn't feel for Siri's words but he felt sad for the way Shannu is thinking about him. Then Nagarjuna shows the video clip and in the video, one could see VJ Sunny catching Siri and calling Shweta for help. Then Siri said that now she got clarity and apologized to Sunny. Shannu also felt sorry for misunderstanding VJ Sunny.

Nagarjuna asks Siri to go and hug VJ Sunny and told the contestants to think twice while passing comments on others. He warns house members against the character assassination of housemates. He said that millions of people are watching the show and if any one of the house members makes wrong comments on others then it is not good. He told the contestants that it is good to have strategies but they should not go for character assassination.

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