Meet The Most Nominated Contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu 5

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Hey, Bigg Boss Telugu viewers are you missing the drama and fights between contestants in the Bigg Boss house? Then here's some news for you.
Finally, Shannu has raised his voice and this time it is against Sreerama Chandra by supporting Jessie. Anyway, who is right we don’t know yet but for the first time, we can see Shannu's loud voice being heard. You will get to see him lose temper on his housemate. Earlier, a section of the audience was saying that Shannu is jealous of Sreerama because he is equal to him in all ways. On the other hand, Siri and Jessie were supporting Shannu where other contestants were blaming that they can’t corner  Sreerama. Later, Sreerama Chandra tries to reason with Shannu, but the latter refuses to listen. 

Meanwhile, for the first time, Bigg Boss has changed the rules of nominations. Earlier, Bigg Boss would not announce the name of contestants who nominated them. But in tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss reveals to Shannu as to who are the contestants that nominated him and he feels badly hurt. Nearly eight contestants have nominated Shannu. It is evident by this that Shannu got to know the reality of the show. Only one thing Shannu should learn is to balance his game and relationships equally. Let us wait and watch to know what exactly happened in tonight’s episode.

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