Meet The Most Irritating Contestant Of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6

Galata Geetu Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 - Sakshi Post

Every new season, Bigg Boss Telugu has the track record of giving us a set of irritating contestants. The popular reality show, that way, keeps the viewers in the Telugu States somewhat upset with the inmates. The new season is back to do the same to the youngsters and reality show buffs out there.

If you have started watching the sixth season of Bigg Boss, which was launched on Sunday (September 4), would you like to take wild guesses as to who is the most irritating contestant this time?

Actually, it is not hard and therefore there are no prizes for making the right guess! She is none other than Geetu, who has been desperately playing the sympathy card since day 1. She is seen making endless attempts to score over the rest of the contestants. In no time, she clashed with singer Revanth, one of the few popular contestants.

Netizens are unhappy with Geetu's unwelcome behavior in the house. No wonder they are already describing her as the most irritating contestant of the season.

Talking about the show, the first nomination of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 is all set to take place in tonight's episode. The complete nomination list will be out in tomorrow's episode. Let's wait and see who is going to get eliminated in the first week of Bigg Boss Telugu season 6.

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