Meet The Laziest Contestants in Kannada Bigg Boss House

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 contestants have managed to grab the attention of the small screen viewers by entertaining them with their antics in the house. The show has been in the news for one reason or the other. 

Now when it comes to analysing the performance of contestants. We know for sure that the show runners have their own yardstick to measure the performance of contestants in the house. However, viewers who have been watching the show day in and day out over the last couple of weeks without batting their eyelids have their own opinion when it comes to choosing the best and the worst contestants. 

BBK viewers often share their views and perspectives on social media. We have seen a series of tweets in favour of Manju, Divya S, Divya U and Aravind who are very active in the house. However, when it comes to the laziest contestants, viewers have a clear choice. The general consensus is that from day one of the BBK show, Nidhi and Shubha are often spotted together sitting and gossiping about other Contestants. 

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As per BBK viewers, both of them are lazy and not very proactive when it comes to tasks. BBK fans say that Nidhi is always jealous of Divya U and Vaishnavi for some reason or the other.

Both are being trolled on Twitter by Vaishnavi fans who are asking her why they are always after Vaishnavi for no reason. In yesterday's Voot live episode, Shubha hurt Vaishnavi with her words and Nidhi interrupted unnecessarily. Viewers say that Nidhi and Shubha should start playing their game at least from now instead of sitting in the garden area and gossiping about other contestants. They say that Shubha and Nidhi are the laziest Contestants in the Kannada Bigg Boss house this season as they are never seen doing any work in the house. Bigg Boss viewers feel that the duo are never giving any competition to housemates in any task and give up easily. 

What do you think, readers? Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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