Meet The Footage Queen of Bigg Boss 15

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Viewers of Bigg Boss 15 have termed Afsana Khan as the “Footage Queen” of the house. Many have said that she is hyper, short-tempered, and keeps trying to instigate unnecessary fights. She shouts where it isn’t required. Even on the premiere night, a similar thing happened.

In the latest promo released by the channel, we can see Afsana Khan and Vidhi Pandya get into a heated argument. They fight and even the fellow contestants get involved. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to put all their belongings and luggage from the Jungle area, inside the house. Everyone gets to work and Vidhi asks Afsana to pick up something and take it inside the house.

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The singer gets irritated and shouts at Vidhi asking her not to give any orders. This leads to a heated argument between them. Tejasswi Prakash and Vishal Kotian take Vidhi’s side and ask Afsana to control herself.

Fans have dubbed this fight unnecessary. Some said that Afsana is trying too hard to gain attention and is instigating fights to stir up drama. Viewers said that this strategy is not going to work and will backfire on her. They termed her as the ‘Footage Queen’ of the house.

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