Meet The First Finalist Of Kannada Bigg Boss 8

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With just a few weeks left for the grand finale of the most popular Kannada TV reality show Bigg Boss Kannada 8, viewers are already placing their bets on who will walk home with the trophy. Aravind KP has emerged as the hot favourite. The other contenders for the top 5 finalists are Manju Pavagada, Vaishnavi Gowda, Divya Uruduga, Prashanth, and Divya Suresh. 

Never has a week gone without Aravind KP not making the news. Be it for his fights with the housemates or his care towards his buddy Divya Uruduga, Aravind is always among the most talked about contestants in this season of Kannada Bigg Boss.

Aravind KP is one of the confirmed finalists for the Bigg Boss Kannada grand finale. Aravind KP won't leave the house until he walks out with the winner's title. Aravind KP has a huge fan following. He is one contestant who has always believed in leading from the front and has received coordination and support from his team most of the times. 

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Bigg Boss viewers saw Aravind being angry, upset, funny, caring and what not! The makers can't run the show without him, half of the viewers are Aravind fans. The general buzz is that the show runners will surely make him stay in the house for the longest time and we have no doubts that he will be one of the finalists of Kannada Bigg Boss 8

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