Manju Pavagada Rocking in Latest Bigg Boss Promo

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The most popular reality show on the Kannada television screen, Bigg Boss Season 8, has been trending since Colors Kannada announced its comeback with the second innings. 

On Wednesday, Kichcha Sudeep relaunched the second innings of the show on a grand note and welcomed the contestants. As you all know the equation between the housemates keeps changing inside the Bigg Boss house. Manju Pavagada and Divya S had a good rapport in the first innings.

But netizens would say that Divya Suresh distracted Manju from the game. Netizens mocked Divya Suresh for acting like a possessive girlfriend and taking up half of Manju's time. 

In the second inning, Manju Pavagada has completely changed his game strategy and fully focussed on his own game without any distractions. Netizens say that if Manju continues to play the same, he will no doubt going to be in the Top 5 finale list for sure. Bigg Boss viewers are of the view that they it won't come as a shock if Manju wins the BBK8 trophy going by his present game. Let us wait and see if Manju maintains the momentum or not.

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