Manju Pavagada is House Captain in Bigg Boss Second Innings

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Bigg Boss Kannada Second innings of season 8 have entered its second week. As per reports Manju Pavagada has been chosen as the captain of the house this week. We all know that Manju has made a great comeback in the second innings by playing his individual game as promised to Kichcha Sudeep on the day the show was relaunched.

Now, with him being made captain of the house, Colors Kannada has asked viewers to advise Manju Pavagada on how to handle his responsibility of being a captain. While a few viewers have asked him to just go with the flow, a very others have cautioned him to be wary of enemies in the Bigg Boss house. One of them even told Manju that he should be careful as he would be walking on egg shells. A few others have also asked him not to stop his cheap jokes and focus on his game.

It is worth mentioning here that there was no elimination last week in the Bigg Boss house. The same contestants have been nominated for eviction in the second week of Bigg Boss second innings too. It would be interesting  to see who will get evicted from the house this weekend. Do you have any names in mind? Let us know who and why they should be shown the door by kichcha Sudeep.

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