Kundali Bhagya Today's Episode March 16 Spoiler Alert: Krithika-Prithvi Breakup?

 - Sakshi Post

Finally, after a long wait in today's episode of kundali bhagya, Preeta exposes Prithvi and Sherlyn in front of Luthra's family. Preeta shows pictures to Kareena, Kritika's mother of Prithivi, where Preeta and Srishiti gets evidence that Pritivi is already married. Later, Prithvi is also caught by Kritika hugging Sherlyn.

Kareena realises that Preeta is correct about Pritivi not being right for Kritika and she wanted to expose Pritivi in front of Luthra's family. 

However, Kritika supports Pritivi, while Luthra's family attempts to explain to Kritika the situation. We should wait to see if Kritika will accept the truth that Pritivi is not the right person for her and break off with him.  

Kundali Bhagya fans will be all hearts for Kareena and Preeta bonding scene in today's episode and want the makers to end Prithivi and Sherlyn track.

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