Kichcha Sudeep is Irreplaceable, Say Netizens on Bigg Boss Comeback

 - Sakshi Post

The proceedings in the Bigg Boss Kannada house are progressing without a hitch. The ongoing season of BBK is heading towards its eleventh week with episodes loaded with emotions, fights, and dramas. For the last two weeks, BBK viewers had missed Kichcha Sudeep, and the show's TRP ratings had plummeted for unknown reasons. But now it seems Bigg Boss Kannada is getting its TRP ratings back, all thanks to the comeback of host Kichcha Sudeep. 

According to BBK fans, Kichcha Sudeep is irreplaceable. In the last episode, Kichcha Sudeep sent a voice note to all the contestants giving his assessment of each one in the house. He also gave them tips on improving their game. While contestants were thrilled to hear his voice, viewers were also enthralled by Sudeep's voice, and the manner in which he mentored all the contestants simply wowed the audience. BBK fans have been praising Sudeep saying why he is indispensable for the show makers and also say that there can never be a better host than Sudeep. We can't wait to see Sudeep back on the stage at this weekend.

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