Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Rahul Vaidya Aborts Stunt, Eliminated From Finale

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After giving his all and performing the stunts well on Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, Rahul Vaidya aborted the stunt in the finale week. This stunt was necessary as it is the finals. But Rahul couldn’t go through with it, citing back issues.

Rahul aborted the elimination stunt citing back problem and was eliminated from the show. Host Rohit Shetty was not too impressed with this decision and scolded Rahul for giving up in the finals. The director said to Rahul that his back would have been fine; it is just a lack of enthusiasm.  

The stunt required contestants to cross a pole and collect two flags hanging on it. As it has rained, it became more difficult to complete the task. Upon reaching the pole platform, you were required to jump and catch the final third flag. Varun Sood and Vishal Aditya Singh completed the stunt and it was Rahul’s turn in the end. But he didn’t go through with it and aborted the stunt.

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Host Rohit Shetty asked Rahul to give it a try but as soon as he started, he felt his back not being able to handle the stunt and decided to give up. He scolded Rahul a lot and said that the seriousness has gone in the finale. This is the first time that contestants have aborted stunts in the finale.

Fans of Rahul Vaidya were happy with the way he has performed throughout the season. They were not happy with the way Rohit treated him and said that he was being biased. Rohit never appreciated Rahul when he aced the stunts and now that he is giving up for the first time, it has become a big issue. It came as a shock to the fans that saw Rahul perform every stunt flawlessly this past season, only for him to abort now. Something didn’t add up here.

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