Kathika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode August 31: Mounitha Threatens to Kill Karthik's Family Members

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In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Karthik is shocked after seeing Mounitha alive. Mounitha will tie Karthik to the bed so that he can’t run away. Meanwhile, she tells Karthik about her plan for kidnapping him. Later, Mounitha threatens Karthik asking him to marry her and gives him an offer that if he agrees, then she will surrender to the police. Mounitha warns Karthik that if he tries to report her to the police, she will make sure that she will kill all his family members.

In yesterday's episode, Soundarya tries to explain to Sourya and Hima about Deepa's situation but they refuse to listen to her. Mounitha plans something dangerous to kidnap Karthik. Meanwhile, Ratna Sita gets tensed as she put her job at risk for Mounitha's plan. According to Mounitha's plan, Karthik would suffer stomach pain and Ratna Sita would takes him to the hospital as directed by her. Sourya requests Deepa not to not lie to her and Deepa gets hurt by her words. Later, Karthik is shocked to see Mounitha.

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