Karthika Deepam Today's Episode March 22 Spoiler Alert: DNA Test Creates Tension

 - Sakshi Post

In the latest episode of Karthika Deepam, Mounitha will start asking about Deepa and her children with the unknown person who called her.  Karthik refuses to get the DNA test done which proves that Hima and Sourya are his daughters.

Spoiler Alert of today's episode of Karthika Deepam March 22: Sourya warns Varanasi not to mislead Deepa. Sourya and Hima get emotional with Deepa. Elsewhere, Mounitha is planning against Karthik's decision to undergo test. On the other hand, Soundarya advises Karthik not to step back from taking the test. Karthik shares with Soundarya his fear and reasons for not undergoing the tests. He also says that if tests prove that Deepa is wrong, family members will separate Hima and Sourya from him.

In tomorrows episode we will get to see Deepa's Father Muralikrishna will find Deepa Mounitha also gets Deepa's address and gets disappointed on seeing Muralikrishna.

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