Karthika Deepam Spolier Alert Today August 11: Karthik Goes to Jail For Mounitha's Murder

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa and Karthik are shocked after Roshini tells Mounitha has been murdered by Karthik. And Roshini brings Bhagyalakhsmi as proof. Later, Roshini arrests Karthik for killing Mounitha. Deepa and the family are shattered as he gets arrested. Hima and Sourya questions Deepa as to why Karthik was arrested and demand to know when will he return home.

Karthik shoots Mounitha in a fit of rage in yesterday's episode after learning about Mounitha's evil deeds. Karthik returns home and Deepa asks him where he went. Meanwhile, Karthik and Deepa have an emotional talk. Karthik blames Deepa for leaving him. Karthik also tells Deepa that he learnt the truth from Vihari's wife and that he trusts her. Deepa gets shocked after knowing the truth behind Mounitha's pregnancy. Later, Roshini confronts Karthik about Mounitha's murder.

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