Karthika Deepam Spoiler April 21,2021: Mounitha Worried About Expose

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Karthika Deepam Today's episode: Karthik gets angry with Soundarya for making Deepa cook. Soundarya asks Karthik why he is hurting Deepa unnecessarily. Deepa gets suspicious of Karthik's strange behavior. Meanwhile, Mounitha fears that Deepa might expose the truth.  Deepa questions Karthik as to why did he suddenly accept her as his wife and says that she would leave the house. Later, Sourya and Hima get emotional over Deepa hurt by Karthik's behavior.

In yesterday's episode,  Karthik, Deepa, and children spend some quality family time. Soundarya and Anand Rao feel elated on seeing Karthik and Deepa getting back to normalcy. Later, Bhagyalakshmi decides to conduct a ritual on Sri Rama Navami and Muralikrishna starts preparing for the ritual. Meanwhile, Bhagyalaxmi invites Soundraya's family for Sri Rama Navami. Karthik declines Bhagyalakshmi's request and says that he and Deepa will not attend the ritual.

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