Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode November 16: Aditya Slams Karthik For Cheating on Deepa

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In today’s episode of Karthika Deepam, Aditya asks Deepa why is she so happy. Deepa tells her that she wants to change her lifestyle. Soundarya gets suspicious over Deepa’s statements and behaviour. Deepa asks Soundarya, Anand Rao and Karthik to rank her cooking skills where Karthik gives 10 on 10. Deepa indirectly tells Karthik that he is lying. Priyamani is stunned when he visits Mounitha’s house. Aditya is shocked when Mounitha reveals the truth that Karthik signed as husband and performed tbhe rituals. Later, Aditya lashes out at Karthik for cheating on Deepa.

In yesterday’s episode, Karthik worries about Deepa's silence. Bharathi is annoyed over Mounitha's act. Mounitha thanks Bharathi for lying to Soundarya about the baby's birth. Mounitha tells Bharathi about Deepa. Soundarya and Karthik discuss Deepa's behavoiur. Deepa spends some quality time with children. Deepa's statements while serving food to family shocks Karthik.

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