Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode July 8: Karthik Takes Decision On Marrying Mounitha

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In today's episode of Karthika Deppam, Mounitha blackmails Karthik, while Karthik tells her that he is being patient as he believes that he has not committed any mistake. Meanwhile, Karthik's intimidating statement leaves Mounitha in shock after he tells her that he is not going to marry her. After a while, he surprises Hima and Sourya with a beautiful present. Karthik promises Deepa that he will solve Mounitha's issue and sets a deadline date. He also tells Deepa that he will never leave her or the children.

In yesterday's episode, Karthik decides to learn the truth about Mounitha's pregnancy and decides to be happy with Deepa and the Children. Priyamani alerts Mounitha about the upcoming threat from Karthik's family. Bhagyalaxmi spreads rumours about Mounitha in her hospital and says that she is not pregnant because of Karthik. Later, Mounitha gets suspicious over Soundarya's trip to America. 

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