Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode July 17: Mounitha Commits Suicide, Line Clear For Deepa?

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Anand Rao suspects that Deepa and other family members are hiding something from him. Meanwhile, Mounitha calls Karthik and asks him to check the video. After checking the video, Karthik rushes to Mounitha's house where she is trying to end her life. Roshini visits Mounitha's house and asks Karthik who will he do justice to—Deepa or Mounitha?

In yesterday's episode, Deepa warns Mounitha and asks her to decide whether she wants marriage with Karthik or Jail. Meanwhile, Anand Rao feels delighted on meeting his family happy after a long time. Priyamani lands in a fix when Roshini questions her about Mounitha. Bhagyalaxhmi tells Muralikrishna that she and Deepa warned Mounitha. Priyamani tells Mounitha that Roshini inquired about her.

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